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Should you have any questions for the Keeping Abreast Head Office Team you can contact them via;

Tel: 01603 667431 (Office hours)

Email: [email protected]

Any correspondence should be sent to:

Keeping Abreast, Sackville Place, 44-48 Magdalen Street, Norwich, NR3 1JU

To apply for a National Booby Cupcake Week pack please fill in the Contact Us form below and include your email, telephone number and home address and we will get one sent to you.

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You can also get in touch with us using our contact form below


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Thank you for holding an event on our behalf. So that we can assist you with your event/fundraising idea please complete the following information.

If you would like any help with your fundraising please contact the office on

Tel: 01603 667431

Email: [email protected]


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Help and Support.

Although we don’t have support groups everywhere, we do have contacts in the following areas, who are willing to offer help and support: Manchester, Liverpool and Middlesborough

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Become a volunteer

Keeping Abreast have a number of groups across the country that have volunteers ready to offer you advice and information so that you can make an informed choice about whether to have reconstruction and the types available to you. To find someone to talk to visit our Find out how