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Currently, due to Covid-19 we are not running face to face support groups.  However, we are running a number of live zoom support sessions which can be viewed here  where you will also find a number of helpful video chats.

Although the plastic surgeon will have explained all the details of the surgery, it can often be very difficult to absorb the information and formulate the questions you may want to ask. Many women have said they feel more at ease when they are able to ask questions and express their concerns to other women who have been through similar experiences – this is where KA can help!

Some of our groups have a speaker at their support group meetings, covering topics related to all aspects of breast reconstruction as well as general well-being.

Following this, there is an opportunity to view the results of other women’s surgery and that of those who are in, or have been in, a similar situation. The feedback from our volunteers is that, rather than looking at a 2D picture, being able to see for themselves what a reconstruction, including the scarring, tattooing etc looks like, really helped them to make a decision about what is right for them.

Please select from the options below where you would like to find support. Should there not be a support network in your area, please use the contact us form and we will find someone for you to speak to.

Support Groups

Additional Support

We are currently working towards setting up groups in the following areas:

Manchester and Middlesborough.

However, we do have volunteers in these areas who are happy to offer telephone support.

For further information Contact Us.