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Keeping Abreast Bear badges

We are so pleased to be selling these lovely pin badges for our amazing supporter Pam. Here is Pam’s story and why she is supporting Keeping Abreast.

“I’ve recently had a double mastectomy with implant reconstruction following a second early TNBC and the discovery of a BRCA1 mutation. I wanted to help raise awareness and some funds for Keeping Abreast as I appreciate how important the work they do is. It’s at times like I’ve just been through when you need to feel valued and able to get all the support, kindness, care and all the information you can find to ensure you make the right choices for you, your future and your family.”

Booby Cupcake Month in MAY

Booby Cupcake Month is one of our biggest fundraisers, but the pandemic has really impacted the success of the campaign now for a second year, so we need your help. There are two ways you could get involved:

We’d love to see you having fun following the current government rules, or maybe host a virtual event over Zoom?

  • Or, you could play our Keeping Abreast Booby Cupcake Month RAFFLE!

Every £1 donated is 1 entry into the draw, to win a delicious platter of cupcakes! But not for you, for a hospital or care organisation of your choice, it’s a lovely touch to thank them for all their hard work. Now put the kettle on and treat yourself to a slice of cake 🙂 and click on this link to play www.virginmoneygiving.com

Every £1 donated is 1 entry into the draw, to win a delicious platter of cupcakes! But not for you, for a hospital or care organisation of your choice, it’s a lovely touch to thank them for all their hard work. Now put the kettle on and treat yourself to a slice of cake 🙂 and click on this link to play www.virginmoneygiving.com

Captain Tom 100
Help us ensure Captain Tom’s legacy lives on

Join us for the Captain Tom 100 challenge at the end of April to help us raise funds to support those facing breast cancer surgery.

Just over a year ago Captain Tom Moore completed 100 laps of his garden raising an incredible £38.9 million for the NHS Covid-19 appeal. His family want his legacy to live on, so on what would have been his 101st birthday, they are inviting people to get involved in a fundraising event to celebrate and remember his achievements.

The Captain Tom 100 challenge can be done your way for a charity of your choice. Set yourself (and maybe your family and friends) a ‘100’ challenge and get busy this bank holiday, Friday 30th April – Monday 3rd May.

We need your support more than ever, the pandemic has left many more women in need of even more support. Please take on this challenge, your fundraising will help those facing difficult times in their breast cancer and reconstruction journeys. Go on, be part of something amazing sign up here:


Do it your way!

Here is a little inspiration, we can wait to see what you get up to. Remember to share your efforts on social media, tag Keeping Abreast and use the hashtag #CaptianTom100

  • Climb 100 stairs
  • Bake 100 cakes or sweet treats
  • Send 100 messages
  • Take 10 dogs on 10 minute walks
  • Write & post 100 letters
  • Cook 100 meals for those in need
  • Walk 100 laps of your garden
  • Do mindfulness of 100 minutes
  • Talk to 100 friends on Zoom
  • Hold 100 minutes of silence
  • Pick-up 100 pieces of rubbish
  • Donate 100 items to your local food bank
  • Host a 100 question quiz for friends and family
  • Carry out 100 good deeds
  • Do 100 bounces on a trampoline
  • Plant 100 seeds
  • Do 100 hours of gardening with friends
  • Have a knit-a-thon with friends making 100 items
  • Throw and catch a ball with a partner 100 times without dropping it
  • Hang 100 messages of hope on a tree
  • Score 100 football penalties
  • Juggle for 100 seconds
  • Paint a ‘100’ and put it in your window
  • Give away 100 likes on social media
  • Take a 100 hour social media break
  • Take 100 photographs of different places
  • Walk 100 km or Swim 100m
  • Write a 100 word poem
  • Sing all your words for 100 minutes
  • Create 100 different outfits from your wardrobe
  • Finish a new puzzle in under 100 minutes
  • Create a 100-step treasure hunt
  • Run 100 laps of your local park
  • Complete a 10km virtual relay with 10 friends
  • Wash 100 cars
  • Watch 100 episodes of your favourite TV shows
  • Get crafty and make 100 things
  • Create a patchwork quilt of 100 squares

His simple message of hope – “Tomorrow will be a good day” – inspired millions around the world and brought comfort and joy to so many during the pandemic. Good luck, and thanks for being involved.

Play the Keeping Abreast Lottery now!
Your chance to win a huge £25,000 lottery jackpot in our weekly draw.

We are pleased to now offer you the chance to play a charity lottery, for your chance to win cash prizes at the same time as helping us fundraise for the charity.

We have teamed up with The Weather Lottery, Great Britain’s leading fundraising Lottery, which is made up from hundreds of lotteries belonging to individual Good Causes. It has raised millions of pounds for hundreds of charities, when you play you can now choose to support Keeping Abreast.

How it works

  • Every week the lottery jackpot of £25,000 is up for grabs!
  • If you win, to prize fund is covered by the lottery funds and wont cost us a penny. It’s a win-win – even if you don’t win a prize, you can feel good that you are helping us raise vital funds to provide our support services.
  • When you join, you’ll be given a unique 6 digit Lucky Number to be entered into the weekly draw.
  • If you choose more than one entry, you’ll be given a separate Lucky Number for each entry.
  • The Weather Lottery result is based on the last digit of the Fahrenheit temperature from 6 popular European destinations.
  • The more numbers you match in order the bigger the prize, and it’s easy to see if you’ve won.
  • Match all 6 numbers and you’ll win £25,000! It won’t be shared and don’t worry, it doesn’t cost us a penny if you do.

Find out more here www.theweatherlottery.com/

Sign up now!

It is easy to sign up online using the form on this link www.theweatherlottery.com

Thank you so much for supporting Keeping Abreast, GOOD LUCK!

Safe, Guaranteed

This lottery uses an approved BACS Bureau for direct debit collections and is administered by Prize Provision Services who are licensed by the Gambling Commission

Join in one of our events or create one of your own?

Keeping Abreast are always looking to proactively fundraise, we aren’t a Government funded charity so every penny we raise is extremely important. We couldn’t do it without the kind and generous support of the public, that’s you, and appreciate your every efforts in helping us.

You could:

Support one of our KA events, see below for ideas we have running or coming up soon.
Take on an organised challenge and get sponsorship from friends and family for taking on the challenge.
Host your own event with friends, your community, or at work.
We have a number of events that you can take part in. Simply fill out the info section at the bottom of this page, email us at [email protected] or call 01603 819113.

Other things you might like to do:

As a charity we are always looking to pro-actively fundraise to support women through their reconstruction journey. Here are just a few ideas for you to help us raise funds:

·         Garden parties

·         Gigs

·         Quizzes

·         Tea parties and cake sales

·         Cycle rides

·         Marathons or 10k runs

·         Skydives

·         Book exchanges

·         Many more…..

Please get in touch as we have ‘pink fundraising packs’ full of ideas on things you could do and lots of materials for you to use, we’d love to get one out to you. You could always take a look at our News & Events page for more inspiration too.

Any donation large or small will help to support women coming to terms with and making important decisions regarding mastectomy, breast reconstruction and associated procedures. Want to Donate? It’s quick and easy!

Contact us about a fundraiser

If you would like help with your fundraising, please complete the following form and we will be in touch.

Your name:

Telephone number:

Email address:

Any comments:

I consent for my information supplied to be used as specified in our Privacy Policy

Make a Donation

Keeping Abreast relies mainly on donations to carry on its valuable work and help our staff set up a growing support network across the country.

You can donate online:
To make a donation just visit our Virgin Money Giving page

Want to make a regular donation?
Join the KA5 club and support the charity on a regular basis. Standing order forms can be downloaded Here.

If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your gift can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme at no extra cost to you. Download a form Here

Have a fundraising idea?

If you have a fundraising idea or event you think might benefit Keeping Abreast please get in touch via the Contact Us page – we will be happy to help you

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