Keeping Abreast Portrait Exhibition

Welcome to the Home Page of KAPE (Keeping Abreast Portrait Exhibition)- Femininity Comes From Within.

KAPE is a collection of professionally taken portraits of women most of whom have undergone breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, as well as those at mastectomy stage and some still undergoing reconstruction. It has been a two year and a half year project for professional photographer Julia Holland , also a Trustee of Keeping Abreast. She chose to create the portraits in a classical style, with the women showing their breasts and wearing a swathe of pink georgette. Each model brought their own experiences and reasons for wanting to do something to help others. It started with two small exhibitions of 17 photographs took place in Norwich during November 2013 and again as part of a fashion show in April 2015. They evoked such a strong voice from everyone who attended, that a 2015 national tour was organised,to bring about further positive outcomes for those able to view the exhibition.

We are delighted that the KAPE tour included a week in Westminster! On Monday 12th October, Norwich North MP, Chloe Smith, officially opened the exhibition of the fifty portraits.  Keeping Abreast co-founder, Anna Beckingham, introduced the collection to our invited guests and gave an overview of the work and aims of the charity.

The exhibition was displayed in the beautiful surroundings of the Upper Waiting Hall and is a very fitting environment for the classical styled images.

Julia, Anna and Chloe Smith MP

Keeping Abreast Team: Sue, Tracey, Anna, Julia, Kerry, Chris and Carolyn

Anna with Dr Christian

Julia with Baroness Shephard

Each photograph is different, but together and being shown en masse really brings out the message that these models and other women in a similar situation remain feminine, strong and positive through adversity. The portraits portray the confidence of women at various stages of their experience with surgery following breast cancer.

About Julia Holland

Julia Holland is a full-time professional photographer who is commissioned by individuals and businesses for portrait and event photography.
Julia has volunteered her services to Keeping Abreast since 2008 and has worked on many fundraising initiatives with the charity and is currently a Trustee. The Keeping Abreast Portrait Exhibition, Femininity Comes From Within, is the largest awareness project that she has undertaken for them. With a degree in Fine Art, Julia’s approach is to bring her fine art training to her photographic imagery.

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