Types of procedure

Nipple Tattooing

Nipple Tattooing /Areola Complex

Following breast reconstruction a new areola (the coloured disc surrounding the nipple) can be created using a technique called “intradermal micropigmentation” – nipple tattooing.  Many women find this procedure enhances the reconstruction, making it appear “finished”.

A trained practitioner will carry out the procedure approximately 6-8 weeks after nipple reconstruction/your final surgery.  Many women will need no anaesthetic at all, some a local anaesthetic cream and in the most sensitive of cases an injection of local anaesthetic.

The nipple tattooing procedure will take about an hour during which a semi-permanent pigment is injected under sterile conditions. Your practitioner will give you aftercare instructions.  Sometimes the procedure will need to be repeated and a couple of coatings will usually last up to 2 years.

Some women will choose not to have a nipple reconstruction and in this case tattooing can create an illusion of a nipple.

There for you

One of our achievements was to fund towards a clinical psychologist at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital who specialised in supporting breast cancer patients.

This service was not initially going to supported by the NHS, but after Keeping Abreast funded it for 18 months the Trust saw the value of it and decided to take on the funding.