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What are our meetings about?

Although the plastic surgeon will have explained all the details of the surgery it can often be very difficult to absorb the information and formulate the questions you may want to ask. Many women have said they feel more at ease when they are able to ask questions and express their concerns to other women who are or have been in a similar situation – this is where KA can help!

KA aims to have a guest speaker at each support group meeting, covering topics related to all aspects of breast reconstruction as well as general wellbeing. Following this there is an opportunity to view the results of other women’s surgery and that of those who are in, or have been in, a similar situation.

Who attends?

Meetings are open to all women who are considering either immediate or delayed breast reconstruction, but also, and very importantly, other family members, significant others and friends who wish to offer support. There is an open invitation and everyone is welcome.

We also welcome women considering surgery who face an increased risk of breast cancer due to family history or an identified gene mutation, with specific support through our sister group Nick of Time

Meetings are also attended by women who have already had surgery, and who are at various stages of their reconstruction – including nipple reconstruction and other related procedures

There are currently support groups covering the following areas


Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire

Bristol, Cheltenham & the South West



If you live in any of the areas above please refer to the Find Support page to find out more.

We aim to constantly develop our support network around the country – if you are looking for support or advice but do not live in one of the areas above, we can still help and put you in touch with one of our volunteers situated around the UK.
Get in touch via our contact us page and we can help.

There for you

We also have a contacts in the following areas, who although do not have a support group set up, are willing to offer help & advice; Leicestershire, Manchester, Liverpool, Middlesborough.

For more information on your nearest support group please look at our Regional Groups page.